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Brisbane’s Best Sustainable Hairdressers

What do you get with years of expert experience working in some of the best salons in London and Brisbane, plus an undying commitment to constantly improving the life of your clients and the world around you? This.

Sol Hair – a sustainable salon in Brisbane that is wholeheartedly dedicated to having a positive impact on everything we touch – because your self care should feel good without hurting the planet.

In 2019 Sustainable Salons ANZ…

> recycled 125 000kgs of metals from salons Australia wide. This includes all our foils and tint tubes.

> 16 400L of excess chemicals recycled back into water

> recycled 89 900kgs of plastics out of salons Australia wide

Practice What You Preach – What it means to be a Sustainable Hairdresser in Brisbane…

The word sustainable gets thrown around a lot these days, it’s almost at risk of being a buzzword more than an action word. Businesses know that consumers care about the health of our planet more than ever – and we’re proud to be putting our money where our mouth is.

When you visit our sustainable hair salon in Brisbane, you’re investing in yourself and better beauty practices. We’re thrilled to have partnered with the incredible Sustainable Salons to bring our vision of helping (instead of hurting) the planet to life. 

Sustainable Salons are a respected social enterprise that is committed to making salon waste history. What does that mean for you? Every time you visit Sol Hair, your bill will include a small $2 Green Fee. This fee, along with our own financial contribution goes a long way in keeping our planet clean. Here’s how;

  • 95% of the resources used during your appointment will be diverted from landfill and sent for recycling.


  • Ahh but what about all of those chemicals? Don’t worry they’re recycled into water for use in construction and road works.


  • Empty hair care bottles and packaging? All repurposed for new products. Basically the only thing ever making its way to the ocean after your appointment will be you.


  • Oh except for some of your unwanted hair – that’s used in oil spill clean-up projects or donated to charitable wig-making services.

Can you believe that’s just the beginning? Sustainable Salons are committed to constantly reinventing ways to be sustainable, and our commitment to them, with your help gives us all the chance to make a positive difference, allowing you to walk out of every appointment with a squeaky clean conscience that goes perfectly with your new hair.

Book your appointment with the best sustainable hairdressers in Brisbane today and get your Sol shining from the inside out.

Searching for a Vegan Salon in Brisbane? 

We’re proud to offer a vegan shampoo, conditioner and treatment range that is sulfate-free and contains no nasties! We stock Pureology® in our salon to provide the very best vegan hair care for our clients. This simple but powerful range of colour care has been made with good-health, sustainability and results at the front of mind.

Extraordinary quality and results are never compromised with these outstanding vegan products, and once they’re in the hands of our sustainable hairdressers they become tools of healthy transformation.

Discover how our sustainable, green salon in Brisbane can transform the way you look and feel and book your appointment with us today!

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  • Ladies style, cut & blowdry: 106
  • Ladies restyle, cut & blowdry : 135
  • Mens cut: 67


  • Short blowdry: 59
  • Medium blowdry: 73
  • Long blowdry: 83
  • Extra long (extensions) blowdry: 98
  • Glamour style: 135


  • Regrowth tint: 99
  • Regrowth tint & balance: 131
  • T-Section tint: 61
  • Global gloss short: 95
  • Global gloss medium: 119
  • Global gloss long: 145
  • Lightener retouch: 131
  • Colour & highlights: 163


  • Partline foils: 125
  • Half head foils: 169
  • ¾ head foils: 191
  • Full head foils: 213


  • Face framing: 147
  • Half head: 191
  • Full head: 233


  • Global toner: 53
  • Stretch toner: 67
  • Stand alone toner: 77


  • Redken Moisture Treatment: 35
  • K18: 50


  • Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment
  • Colour corrections