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Best Blonde Hairdresser In Brisbane

Being blonde is so much fun, but only when your gorgeous locks are healthy and bring out your natural features. Whether you’re wanting an all over transformation or a few foils to amplify your natural cut and colour, we’re the home of Brisbane’s best blonde hairdressers.

Maintaining the integrity of your hair is of the utmost importance when we receive a blonde brief. Understanding your hair’s history and your future goals is an important step in helping us achieve the look that makes you shine. Once we ask all the questions to understand your dream ‘do, we kick into action and get started with your transformation!

If you‘re thinking about lightening your look – get in touch and book your consultation with us today to see how we can read your mind and mood board to achieve your ultimate dream look curated just for you.

Paddington’s Only Place for Beautiful Balayage

Achieving the perfect balayage isn’t an easy feat – but when you’ve been doing it for years on every hair type imaginable it becomes a refined skill that you become known for – and that’s exactly what we’re proud to achieve here at Sol Hair.

There are so many ways that the balayage style can be used to enhance your natural look. Whether you’re after some gorgeous face framing highlights or something with more impact like a half head or full head of foils – whatever your desire we’ve got the tools and skills to bring it to life. 

It’s a style that allows you to leave the salon looking absolutely glowing, and that continues to deliver exceptional, classy style day after day when done correctly. By matching your natural colour with the perfect blonde tones for your complexion, we’re confident you will feel amazing beyond your appointment here at Sol Hair.


Let us blow your mind as we enhance your hair’s stunning natural potential with our expert balayage treatment in Paddington – what are you waiting for? Book your appointment with us today. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Achieve Total Transformation with a Full Head of Foils

If you’re looking for an all over transformation or a touch up of your full colour that looks natural and perfectly matches your skin tone and features, a full head of foils in our Brisbane salon is the answer. 

We love seeing our clients leave our Brisbane salon after a full head of foils, feeling radiant, beautiful, confident and comfortable with their new colour knowing it perfectly matches their look. 

Discover how affordable and transformational a full head of foils can be by booking your consultation in with us today! 

Full Head of Foils Brisbane



  • Ladies style, cut & blowdry: 106
  • Ladies restyle, cut & blowdry : 135
  • Mens cut: 67


  • Short blowdry: 59
  • Medium blowdry: 73
  • Long blowdry: 83
  • Extra long (extensions) blowdry: 98
  • Glamour style: 135


  • Regrowth tint: 99
  • Regrowth tint & balance: 131
  • T-Section tint: 61
  • Global gloss short: 95
  • Global gloss medium: 119
  • Global gloss long: 145
  • Lightener retouch: 131
  • Colour & highlights: 163


  • Partline foils: 125
  • Half head foils: 169
  • ¾ head foils: 191
  • Full head foils: 213


  • Face framing: 147
  • Half head: 191
  • Full head: 233


  • Global toner: 53
  • Stretch toner: 67
  • Stand alone toner: 77


  • Redken Moisture Treatment: 35
  • K18: 50


  • Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment
  • Colour corrections

 Are you considering going blonder?

Full head of foils vs half head of foils?

At Sol, we offer a full head, half head, 3/4 head and part-line Foils. To simplify this terminology, it refers to the amount of hair covered within the service. Depending on the desired result will depend on the service in which the stylist will choose. A full head of foils will be more of an even colour from roots to ends throughout the whole head. Where as a Part line Foils is concentrating on the hairline and section where you like to part your hair. This is a great in between colour to freshen your hair in between doing a full head of half head of foils. A half head of foils blonde will help to lighten your hair overall, with more emphasis placed around the face to achieve a natural-looking brightening effect.

What is the price for a full head foils blonde?

A full head of foils starts from $201 in price. A toner (if needed), treatment and Stylecut/blowdry would be charged on top of this price. Each visit your stylist will print out an itemised quote after chatting about your dream result. We are an exclusive Redken colour salon working with leading and the latest colours and treatments to achieve the best results with the healthiest of hair.

How long does a full head of foils take?

An appointment for a full head of foils will take from 3+ hours in the salon. It can be a lengthy process so relax with our latest magazines, beverages and snacks or bring in a laptop and ‘work from home.’ Why does it take so long for a full head of foils? Using foils to lighten your hair is the most natural-looking method and it is because your stylist will determine how many individual foils are needed to achieve your desired outcome and then mix a custom colour and apply each foil one at a time. Within the full process you need to account for the initial colour consult, colour formulation, application, processing and then wash and blowdry. Allow more time if more foils are needed or if you’re adding on a Stylecut.

What is the price for a half head foils blonde?

A half head of foils starts from $159 in price. A toner (if needed), treatment and Stylecut/blowdry would be charged on top of this price. A half head of foils is a great option in between a full head of foils if anyone is time conscious or needing to work into a budget.

Can you have foils on dark hair/brunette?

Absolutely you can! Quite often the technique of balayage over a full head of foils is used when colouring darker hair as it is softer and more forgiving when the roots are coming through and the colour is growing out. Foils can not only brighten, but also deepen, add depth or different reflects to a colour. If you’re wanting to work towards blonde or a much lighter hair colour over time, than beginning with balayage is a fantastic first step. Or you may love the natural, lower-maintenance so much that you stick with balayage.

Will a full head of foils make me blonde?

This really depends where you are starting from and where you would like to be. ie, your natural base colour, the existing colour that is in your hair and the dream shade you are desiring to be. We offer complimentary consultations to chat with your colourist before your colour appointment. In this appointment, the stylist will decide the best options to get you to your desired result and give you an itemised quote.


Book your appointment with us today. We can’t wait to meet you!